Overviews and Introductions

If you have time, the best way to learn about the Copperway is to take an overview tour (allow about 2 hours) such as those offered by the Butte Chamber of Commerce Trolley and Butte Urban Safari Tours. You'll learn the lay of the land and pass most of the important attractions (and many restaurants), and your guide will give you a tantalizing introduction to most of the locations. You can decide if your schedule and interests should take you back to explore a mansion, a brothel, a speakeasy, or the Chinese Museum, the Mining Museum, the Mineral Museum, or all of them.


Check our section on historic sites for information about the specific guided tours that are available. You'll find links the the websites of each location.


You can explore Butte and Anaconda on your own, or in conjunction with our cybertours. Many historical buildings boast plaques from the Montana Historical Society explaining the significance of the place, and you can also build your own walkabout using books and brochures. To explore beyond the central business districts of Butte and Anaconda, you'll probably prefer to drive.

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