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Plan a visit

If you have two hours...

      We recommend that you take one of the overview tours of historical Butte or Anaconda, and please return when you have more time.

If you have a half-day...

      You can take a two-hour overview tour (above) and one focused experience that lasts one to two hours. We recommend one of the following.

All day...

      Planning a full day will allow you to experience Butte or Anaconda in a more leisurely fashion and could include lunch in an interesting restaurant or a late afternoon drink at a brewery or distillery in a historic building. After your overview tour, schedule two or three of the sites or tours on the list above, or spend some time walking around the Butte or Anaconda historical districts. Use the Themes and Cybertours in our site to focus your experience on your interests, or discuss with any Butte or Anaconda guide, visitor center, or museum representative.

Two days or more...

      If you have two or more days to spend, you can tailor your experience and make it an in-depth exploration of the Copperway. With advance planning, you can plan a Specialty Tour, or for a truly comprehensive, immersive learning experience, consider a variation on the Smithsonian-style Discover Butte package.

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