About the Digital Copperway Project

Montana's Copperway encompasses the city-counties of Butte-Silver Bow and Anaconda-Deer Lodge, covering 1,500 square miles and serving as the gateway to all of southwest Montana. At the intersection of Interstates 15 and 90, and between Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks, the Copperway is the crucible in which the American copper industry was forged, electrifying the nation.

The Copperway hosts visitors from more than 30 countries annually, and is home to 44,000 Montanans. Although Butte-Silver Bow and Anaconda-Deer Lodge are Montana's smallest counties in area, they are rich in nationally significant history and lie at the heart of accessible wild country as well as wilderness. Eventually, this site is intended to become a portal and resource for history across southwest Montana, beyond the Copperway.

  • 1,500 square miles of southwestern Montana
  • National Historic Landmark District covers 9,774 acres (39 km2)
  • 5,991 contributing properties on the National Register of Historic Places
  • 12 historical sites open to the public as museums
  • 15 urban gallows frames associated with mines
  • 10,000 miles of underground mine tunnels
  • Home to immigrants from 30 nations and ethnicities
  • National Labor Landmark
This project is an unfunded, grass-roots effort aimed at promoting heritage tourism in Butte and Anaconda, and at providing an extensive source of historical information about the Copperway. It was begun by Richard I. Gibson, geologist, tour guide, historian, and author. Contributions from others are MOST welcome! This project has no official standing with any government entity.


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Disclaimer: While we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information in this site and those associated with it, we do not guarantee it.

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